artist paintings sculptures art work Tampa Florida
artist paintings sculptures art work Tampa Florida artist paintings sculptures art work Tampa Florida artist paintings sculptures art work Tampa Florida artist paintings sculptures art work Tampa Florida artist paintings sculptures art work Tampa Florida artist paintings sculptures art work Tampa Florida artist paintings sculptures art work Tampa Florida

Artist's Statement

My inspiration for my paintings and sculptures is based on the same concept; to capture emotion, feeling and atmosphere.

My work combines old traditional techniques on canvas and in my sculptures.

I love working with colors and contrast in my paintings that I create by using style elements, expressions, and textures together. Mystic and symbolic atmospheres are often common in my work.

In my sculptures I am fascinated by shapes, lines, and the contrast between each other. Sometimes I combine different style elements together to express my work. I love working in large scale.

I love when people look at my work and feel it like they would feel a story, and go on to make up their own stories based on my artwork.

In 1986, art historian, Dr. Jean-Pierre De Bruyn introduced my work and style, “Realisme Santastique”, to the press in Knokke Heist, Belgium.

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Here is a TV interview on WEDU channel where I share my work in my studio:


Marc De Waele Biography

I was born in Belgium in 1962 where I undertook my studies. I have worked and painted throughout Europe before moving to the United States in 1999.

I have studied under some of the most acclaimed artists in the world and have been involved in many great projects such as the restoration of the paintings at the Royal Palace in Brussels, Belgium.

My work has sold to collectors all over the world, and I now offer my services in art in the United states.

Here is a brief summary of my education, training and experience:


Education and Training:



  • The Academy of Fine Arts, Eeklo, Belgium

-Concentration in Art History, taught by Professor De Bruyn

-learned to work with forged metal.

  • Meylemans Superior Institute for Decoration, Antwerp, Belgium (2 years)

-Concentration in trompe l’oeil, specialty decoration, marble and wood painting techniques.  Master painter.

-Passed with distinct honors and 2 silver medals

  • Worked from my 13 years old by my Uncle, whom is a master blacksmith, where I learned all techniques in forging steel.

  • Learned over the years, by well known Belgium artists, the art of chasing and Repousse’ - moving metal.


  • Courses taken in Paris for Art-Deco and Art Nevaeu (Jugendstil)

-Did the complete interior decoration of hotels (Belgium) by painting and metal work.


Work Experience:



  • Restoration of paintings and complete interior at the Royal Palace in Brussels, Belgium, working for the King.


  • Exhibitions in the following cities:

-Ghent, Belgium;  Eeklo, Belgium;  Roeselare, Belgium;  Knesselare, Belgium


  • Exhibition at the Hotel Elysee at Knokke-Zoute Beach, Belgium

  • Exhibition at the Munchen Museum of Art in Munchen, Germany where 2 works titled, Mixid of Gold 18 x 28 cm, 1984 and Chinese Astrology of the Rabbit 18 x 28 cm, 1985 remain displayed


  • Exhibition at the Achterdries Castle in Oostakker, Belgium


  • Exhibition at the Moat-House International Hotel, Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire, England


  • Specialty murals, trompe l’oeil, and decorating for hotels, restaurants, and individuals in Belgium


  • Exhibition at the home of Niki Lauda, Spanish race car driver, in Ibiza, Spain


  • Exhibition at the Hetspijker ArtCafe in Ghent, Belgium

  • Exhibition at the Blankenberge Beach Casino, Blankenberge, Belgium


  • Exhibition at the Blankenberge Beach Casino, Blankenberge, Belgium

  • Exhibition at the Jucca Gallery in Lochristi, Belgium


  • 9ft x 15ft mural for the Blankenberge Beach Casino titled, Blankenberge and Her Casino’s

  • Exhibition at the Blankenberge Beach Casino, Blankenberge, Belgium


  • Commissioned by the city of Huy, Belgium (French Belgium) to paint a 12ft x 21ft mural of the city

  • Several private trompe l’oeil orders, restorations and wall murals for a private home in Tarpon Springs, Florida


  • 8ft x 12ft, 16ft x 12ft, and 30ft x 30ft wall murals of Venice, Italy for a private home in Clearwater, Florida

  • Several trompe l’oeil, patina, and faux marble works for private homes in New Port Richey, Florida

  • 5ft x 7ft oil painting on canvas for the Design Resource Group located in Clearwater, Florida

  • Several pieces of furniture and cabinets restored and decorated in the Tampa Bay area, Florida

  • 4ft x 5ft oil on canvas “God Bless America” depicting the events that occurred on September 11, 2001 – donated to Mayor Guiliani and the City of New York.  After Mayor Guiliani left office he donated the painting to The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

  • 10ft x 30ft oil canvas backdrop of forest scene for the Richey Suncoast Theatre New Port Richey, FL

  • Several special orders for private clients; oil on canvas


  • Built studio for making sculptures.

  • Trompe l’oeil on walls in private homes

  • Restored marble sculptures on the Bok Tower in Lake Whales, FL


  • Worked together with gallery Fused Energy and continued work on sculptures.


  • Worked on orders for sculptures, and for trompe l’oeils.

  •  Built up private gallery.


  • Made fountains for orders, paint trompe l’Oeils, and applied Venetian plaster in many homes.  Finished a sculpture collection for future display.


  • Worked primarily for private commissioned works. 

  • Restoration of building for Gallery site.

  • Made sculptures, fountains, and oil paintings for new gallery.

  • Winner of ArtLoud Competition, Tampa, FL.  Public art sponsored by the City of Tampa and the Crew Tampa Bay. “Equilibriest” Sculpture and Harp Fountain now displayed on Franklin St. Mall, Tampa, FL.


  • Commissioned by Pepsi Cola to work at the NFL Experience at the Pepsi Tent making a sculpture out of recycled Pepsi cans.  The sculpture is a 7 foot quarterback.  It now resides at the Pepsi Cola headquarters in New York.

  • Completed a series of aluminum sculptures called the Mystic Dance.

  • Made Trophy for “Born To Ride” Magazine.


  • Completed “El Corazon” community sculpture for Palma Ceia District in Tampa, FL

  • Won Red Ribbon award for “Climbing in Balance” public art sculpture in ArtLoud Competition, Tampa, FL.  The sculpture resides in the park, downtown Tampa.

  • Worked on new combination of materials for sculptures.


  • Completed a life size bird cage for The Spring of Tampa Bay’s Purple Gala at Busch Gardens.


  • Working together with artist, Nobuho Nagasawa, on her latest community project in St. Petersburg, FL.

  • Worked together with artist, Jason Shiver, on community work in Tampa, FL.


  • Worked with Newland Communities Developer on community sculptures for the FishHawk
    Ranch Community of Lithia, FL. “Having Fun” Sculpture located at the Butterfly Garden and
    “Dog Park” Sculpture located at the Dog Park.


  • “Open Minded” and “Contario” public art sculptures displayed and sold in downtown
    Kissimmee, FL.

  • Public art sculpture “Conversation”, 11 ½ feet in height, located in downtown St. Petersburg, FL.


  • Public art sculpture “Rooster”, 12 feet in height, located in downtown Kissimmee, FL.

  • The Wedding Sculpture, 11 ½ feet in height, was displayed at the Dali Museum in St. Petersburg,
    FL and currently resides at private residence.

  • Worked with Newland Communities Developer on public art sculptures for the
    Waterset Community of Apollo Beach, FL.


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