artist paintings sculptures art work Tampa Florida
artist paintings sculptures art work Tampa Florida artist paintings sculptures art work Tampa Florida artist paintings sculptures art work Tampa Florida artist paintings sculptures art work Tampa Florida artist paintings sculptures art work Tampa Florida artist paintings sculptures art work Tampa Florida artist paintings sculptures art work Tampa Florida

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Here is what the press has had to say about my work. These are actual copies of the newspaper articles about me.
The English translation has been paraphrased for easier reading.


Article on Marc De Waele published in the Examiner:  


What’s Hot Tampa Bay Article
Wearable Art Article by Ro Martinez, page 20 – 23, The Winter Fashion Edition, Vol. 2, Issue 12.


Marc De Waele Sculpture Unveiled in the Palma Ceia District in Tampa


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Realistic — “Art Symphony” Trompe L'oeil, the style of his paint symbolic.

He restored the Palace of the King of Brussels from 1984—1987

As a native of D’Eeklo he did sculptures, Arios drawings, from his work.

He studied with Dr. J B De Bruyn and did historical painting and learned many different styles and the use of many different materials.

He is very talented and will have much success in the future. He works with many styles — like a symphony and he wouldn’t be complete with just one style.

He is hoping to go to USA to Miami — to open his horizons. Would like to work at film studios.


The town of Huy asked Marc to make a Fresco from the nicest places around the town of Huy. Marc did a work like looking into a shop window he had to do the work in 4 weeks. Fresco’s in Italy it is located in a Statte-Rene Dubois, France.

The most important spots around the town: The Cathedral, the Bassinia fountain, 3 bridges, the Meuse waterfront, the 3 smoke stacks of Tihange, the Fort, Cable car,

Train station famous people — editor of newspaper — made in the style of LucGenot a famous artist —who he admired because he paints with the same subjects. If you have noticed — there is a peacock in this painting a trademark with a red lace.

Marc De Waele from Ghent lived in Huy for 2 yrs. And was very pleased with their culture, painting — Realistic but also in the style of Trumpeloeil, made the painting senatrece — mayor of Huy — Anne marie Lizin.

The cost of the painting was 6,250.00, made area more attractive — made parking lot, 23’x 16’.


Then was coming the King for Appreciation
Marc De Wade, born 1962, say farewell to construction work to begin full time career in art to make restoration of the Palace for the King in Brussel.
He is also busy with the same techniques ih his studio and so he makes his own style “Realisme Santastique”. There he mixes his own styles such as surrealism, expressionism, Ect. Transfonns these into his own special style. He makes many expositions with his work. Two of his works are displayed at the Museum Schone Kunsten Van Munchen, Germany.
EDITOR: Have you attended art school?
MARC: Yes, I attended art school in Eeklo. I can begin Restoration work for the Palace from the King in Brussel. When I worked there, I had contact with Kunstpatrinonium, Brussel. There I was referred to private school for wood, marble and tromploeill painting. I received special awards for my work there.
EDITOR: What Have you made at the palace?
MARC: I work to restore the palace using polychrome, marble painting, restoring old paintings, restoring ceilings, using gold leaf I worked with great artists from all over the world to complete this project.
I also worked for the King to paint his private residence.
EDITOR: What is the difference between the technique and style used in your paintings and the restoration work?
MARC: Painting on canvas and painting in a building are two different techniques. As a painter I work from my own ideas. No one can say they are an artist because they have graduated art school. It is a lifestyle. There are many ups and downs; many people criticize your work.
When as an artist I am called upon to do restoration, I learned every different technique. I then sometimes incorporate those techniques into my paintings, resulting in my own style of art.


Marc DeWaele, of Eeklo, makes exposition in Knokke, Belgium from August 31. Marc De Waele, 24 makes exposition in the hotel Elyssec with his few pieces of work; he has demonstrated a style unique to the world. Marc started as a student of art learning oil, water paints very quickly he became successful from expositions first Eeklo, Roesecare, Knesselare and Gent, there the people were very interested in his work. In 1984, he took special lessons in art history, after these lessons, he combined all styles he learned to form his own style. The art critique stated this is a style never seen before. So unique in this time using gold leafing copper, and marble painting.

You cannot describe in one word his work. A very unique style captures the attention of art critic’s worldwide. For this reason he had exposition in hotel Elyssec, Greatest in Elisavvihlan, Knokke, Belgium. Young artist of Eeklo, does restoration work in palace. “Then was the King to show Appreciation”
The artist, Marc De Waele, 23 years of age, completed 5 years schooling in art. No one ever thought he would be so successful so quickly. When he was a child his artistic expression was noticeable. It was in his blood. In school, he perfected his talents. In the beginning he worked with charcoal and oil paints. He soon realized he had needed to use different mediums to enhance his artwork.

After working in construction for a couple years, he was invited to restore the Palace of the king of Belgium. The King often took time to speak with Marc and to show his appreciation; he invited him to restore his private residence. He also is speaking with Princess Caroline, Monaco to do restoration work.

Sunday morning, at the Vegetable Market, in Gent, Marc De Waele and Ruidi Ecckhondt, two young artists from Eeklo, had an idea to go to the marketplace to paint. The people enjoyed to two young artist's work and soon many other artists joined them to create an artistic atmosphere, which has now grown to be one of the greatest attractions in Gent.

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